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Nothing brings back warm memories like the smell of fresh-baked bread and the comfort of familiar ingredients. AйDa Piroshki brings you Russian food like mama used to make. Piroshkis are perfect for time-starved parents, professionals and students looking for a quick, yet healthy bite. AйDa Piroshki makes it easy to enjoy a piece of home on the go. We make and bake our delicious piroshki several times a day in both locations in San Francisco. Anda Piroshki also available for catering events and deliveries.

What Are Piroshki?

Even if you’ve never tried piroshki, don’t be surprised if you find the “exotic” dish strangely familiar. Russian for “little pie,” piroshki are a unique spin on classic handheld treats from various cultures – char siu bao, empanadas, turnovers (in other words: warm, bready pockets of goodness). The difference is an emphasis on cold-friendly ingredients, like root vegetables, and Russian favorites, like dill and sour cream.


Our Products

AйDa Piroshki shares traditional Russian favorites made with fresh, familiar ingredients – minus the vodka and caviar (for now) – that make great meals any time of day. Enjoy these unique dishes anywhere by letting us cater your special events.


Like your favorite empanada, turnover, or calzone…but Russian! Baked, not fried, our delicious pies are a healthy alternative to the usual fast foods. And with a wide variety of piroshki, we have something for everyone – Beef and Cheese, Potato and Grilled Onions, Mushrooms and Kale, Cabbage, Carrots and Tomatoes, Apple and Cinnamon and now breakfast piroshki.

Our Philosophy

In Russia, the symbol of motherhood is the MATRYOSHKA, which is featured in our logo. Russian women have been passing their cooking secrets along to their daughters for generations, which is how Chef Anna Tvelova learned how to cook. With huge respect to our mothers, we continually improve upon our recipes by learning from baking professionals and by adding delicious local flavors to our fillings. We steam, boil, bake and sauté (never fry!) only the best, natural ingredients – the best flour from local mills, sustainably-grown meats, and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit – making for healthy and light piroshki.


Our Name

“AйDa” (pronounced “ai da”) Piroshki” means “What a piroshki!” in Russian. While pirozhki (plural for pirozhok, Russian: пирожок, пирожки) is typically written with a “ZH” (Ж), it is pronounced with a “SH” (Ш). We’ve chosen to spell our name using “SH” because it is much easier to read, and we thought something so easy to eat and so easy to love should also be easy to pronounce!


About the Chef :: Anna Tvelova

Anna Tvelova brings rich Russian heritage, her mother’s and grandmother’s delicious recipes, years of culinary experience and a passion for creating healthy, hearty food to Anda Piroshki every day. With the support of La Cocina, Centros, the 331 Cortland community, Second Act Marketplace and her loyal customers, Anna is fulfilling her dream of showing the world how great Russian food and Russian people are.


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